Beautiful and Expecting


Maternity photoshoots are my jam because I love everything they represent. The photos are an introduction to a baby's arrival, they show anticipation and excitement. I squeal every time someone asks me to do them. This is my lovely best friend and she is expecting her second baby. She entrusted me to photograph her during this special and intimate time in her life and I immediately jumped at the chance. As y'all can see, she is absolutely stunning and having the pleasure to capture her, during this journey, was special for me. Before the shoot, the two of us brainstormed looks and location. I listened intently, asked questions, did a quick cheer and we decided on a location. I wanted her and everyone who came in contact with her photos, to see her in the way many see her, as a glowing woman; a glowing and strong woman; a woman that is not only strong but showcases vulnerability, softness and grace. These are all the things my best friend is but I prayed I would be able to showcase this on film. With my direction and excitement, my son (who served as my assistant, his helpfulness can be questionable but he served as the assistant for the day) and I made the trek to the Bay Area.

The key to these shoots and many other shoots I do, is to not focus on the poses. Sure, poses are great and my clients do not play around about practicing them but there is something special about capturing people in their true element; showing their excitement or being in thought or laughing at something we are talking about. It is pure joy and I really dig it.

Some other tips I recommend are:

  • Bring snacks and water- Not just for you but for the expecting mama. Listen, photoshoots can be long, depending on what was agreed upon. You want to help mama feel comfortable and energized to get through it.

  • The Assist- Bring an assistant or have the client bring someone they trust to encourage them, remind them that they look great; maybe they need help changing or putting on a pair of shoes.

  • Check the landscape- I understand that the backdrop is critical, especially if you conduct your photoshoots outdoors but please think of the safety of the client. They are pregnant (always think of the safety of the client but pregnant folks do not need any falls). I scouted the location first, I tested out the log she sat on, I got on the ground, etc. Don't have the client do something you wouldn't do. If you know you wouldn't jump off a log, while pregnant, don't ask your client to.

Happy shooting.

xoxo, Chioko

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