Love, truly all we need.

I love taking photographs of couples. Sometimes I capture them doing something unexpected or they are striking a pose for me but I always capture them. Couples photo sessions are one of my favorites because they highlight a sense of intimacy that is shared that many people do not get to see.

This particular day, the weather was warming up, people were throughout the area we selected. It was key, for me, to create a sense of intimacy, although the space was buzzing with runners and yoga classes. Melissa and Kaye were nervous at the beginning but started to warm up to the idea of me invading their private space. I would catch them complimenting each other, encouraging each other or laughing at something silly that I would do or they would do (mostly something I was doing). The results of the shoot were pictures pure simplicity. When I see these pictures, I see just two people in the world, it looks as if no one matters, there is no one else around. Thanks for allowing me to take a peek in Melissa and Kaye. Keep loving.

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